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EDI Accelerator for BizTalk Server

Until now, migrating to new open standards like XML posed daunting challenges for businesses with large investments in EDI and other proprietary systems.

Introducing Covast EDI Accelerator for Microsoft BizTalk Server, the solution that makes bridging the gap from EDI to XML simple!

The EDI Accelerator is designed to provide the most robust functionality
of any EDI to XML solution available in the industry:

  • Full end-to-end support for complex EDI requirements – Easily integrate EDI infrastructures with internal applications and Internet-based trading partners.
  • Control of EDI specifications and versions – Maintain storage, management and editing of EDI standards.
  • Designed for the EDI professional – Use pre-defined rules or customize settings with a simple GUI.
  • EDI to XML parsing/serialization – Automatically render an XML representation of the EDI format.
  • Comprehensive VAN and Internet support – Ensure full connectivity and support over secure Internet protocols.
  • Advanced EDI capabilities – From partner-specific outbound document batching to support for Internet-based commerce standards, like AS2.
  • EDI envelope mapping and translation support – Map to and from any envelope, regardless of its structure.
  • Complete auditing and tracking – Check inbound and outbound documents for syntactic and semantic completeness.
  • End-to-end functional acknowledgements – Complete distribution, tracking and error management.
  • Scalable to business requirements – Designed for one tactical project at a time or across an enterprise.

To find out more, review the demo EDI Accelerator for BizTalk Server, read the data sheet, whitepaper or visit Covast CTO’s BizTalk Blog.

Key Benefits
  • Enables Seamless B2B/EDI with BizTalk Server.

  • Full end-to-end support for complex EDI requirements.

  • EDI envelope mapping and translation support.

Success Stories
Konica Minolta


Demo - B2B Suite For IBM WebSphere

EDI Accelerator - White Paper

EDI Accelerator Datasheet

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